#sneakpeek Story about investor Vera Baker

"I’m most interested in backing purpose driven founders."

Maxi Knust

10/26/20231 min read

In a career that has taken her from the halls of the U.S. Senate to the vibrant startup scenes of Paris, Vera Baker has consistently defied convention and embraced new challenges.

As a venture capitalist at Unconventional Ventures and an angel investor at Atomico, she navigates the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship with finesse and determination.

Beyond her roles in finance, Vera is the founder of "For Colored Girls Who Tech" and a mentor at Techstars Sustainability Paris, highlighting her commitment to diversity and sustainable innovation in the tech world. Vera's journey is a testament to her ability to navigate different continents, industries, and roles.

Her transition from the United States to Paris, fueled by love and ambition, serves as a blueprint for expats seeking to make their mark in foreign lands. With her wealth of experience and wisdom, Vera is not only an investor but also a guiding light for those looking to succeed in the dynamic world of startups and venture capital.

In this interview, we delve into her transformative career path, the intricacies of venture capital and angel investing, her experiences as a woman of color in the tech and VC industries, and her enduring fascination with purpose-driven entrepreneurship.

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